Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sue Scheff: Lorraine Colpitts Owner of Safe & Sound Youth Transports

by Lorraine Colpitts

Transporting at-risk youth... We have a very structured and deliberate process which requires full parental/guardian cooperation. This is to ensure the smoothest and safest transition from your care to ours. We provide a short application/information form so that we can be informed of the necessary medical history, medication regime, and recent at-risk behaviors of your child for the most effective and safest transport possible. We encourage a meeting with parents/guardians in person to finalize arrangements on the eve of the transport

The Process: Because at-risk children need special handling in times of transition, the following is a synopsis of what a transport could actually "look like". In the early morning of the day of the transport, it will be necessary to have parents lead us into the childs bedroom, and after gently waking the child, introduce us. After a brief introduction and explanation of who we are and where the child is going, the parents will be required to immediately leave the area. They should then go to a place in the home where they will not be seen or heard by the child, or even better, actually leave the premises. The transport team will encourage your child to dress, and then accompany your child to their waiting vehicle. It is then that the transport will begin. We will have food and beverages in the vehicle to ensure proper nourishment.
We also will ask parents prior to transport what the childs 'comfort foods' are, and keep the vehicle stocked. To assist in reassuring your child, our staff has knowlege and experience with every school and program that we transport to and will have materials and information on hand to share with your child, should that be deemed appropriate. Each of the Safe and Sound Youth Transportation staff is a highly capable, and caring individual who has experience working with youth. Many of us are also parents....some of us have been through the trying times you have, and can certainly understand and respect the difficult decisions you have had to make. We will work closely with you to make this transport as pleasant for everyone as possible. Call us for a quote on Our All-Inclusive rate.
Transports within New England can be negotiated for a discounted rate, factoring the distance and time involved. With any type of transport, our one rate includes all expenses, such as two staff, selected as a "best-match for your teen", gas, tolls, car rentals, hotels, meals, beverages and any other incidentals that may become necessary during the transport. Due to the high cost of air travel, and its highly inflated last minute costs, any plane tickets required, would be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Should air travel be deemed necessary, and as part of our service to you, we would be happy to assist you in making the travel arrangements. We have several travel agencies working with us, as well as many good on-line resources at our disposal. We will work diligently to help you to secure the best rates.